Reinvent your business: The future requisite.


The biggest challenge ever, which not only my business, but the whole world is facing, i.e. the novel COVID-19. It has affected nations all around the globe. With not a single fix to be seen, social separating is the best way to confine the spread of the virus as of now. As nations around the globe are practicing social distancing, technology is helping to enable the sense of normalcy. Businesses are forced to adapt – virtual gatherings, remote learning, telehealth, work from home you name it. Under this strange time, technology and digital infrastructure are playing a very crucial role in keeping the world connected more than ever before.  This made me realize one thing –  “Adaptability and flexibility can take us forward. It’s very important not to resist the change but to embrace it”. 

As people are staying at home and working remotely, the purchasing behaviors have changed drastically. But deep down, we all know that human hope and human needs are evergreen and are always growing. Don’t you agree?

According to the World Bank’s assessment, this is the worst recession since the Great Depression in the 1930s. India is expected to grow by 1.5% to 2.8%. The IMF projected a GDP growth of 1.9% for India in 2020 because the global economy is affected by COVID pandemic.

This pandemic will definitely redefine the way businesses are conducted in a post-COVID world. At the arrival of the crisis, I have seen how the offline businesses are going through major setbacks, suffering the most. Few drowned away forever and few are struggling to get hold of a grip so that they can at least survive.

I agree, the crisis is huge, but there is a solution. Isn’t it? Why only survive? Why not thrive the business and make the most out of every situation?

The World Trade Organization (WTO) foresees that developing countries’ share in global trade could grow from 46% in 2015 to 57% by 2030 and digitization will be an important contributor. So just sit, relax and brainstorm. Re-align your business strategies, which will perform best during the ‘new normal’ and will relate the audience as well and most importantly “DIGITIZE YOUR BUSINESS”.

Many of the startups were at the innovation frontlines, who came up with PPEs, ventilators, drones, face masks, etc,  it all became possible, because embracing this change and finding the solution was the immediate need. Addition to that, it was only because of their agility and the entrepreneurial spirit that helped them thrive.

My research, past experience and the ability to manage brand crisis, has helped me figure out ways that can help you as well. I help businesses to flourish digitally and help it grow into a big brand, until it becomes a memorable entity for your consumers. 

Come, let’s embrace this challenge together, and this pandemic redefines the way businesses are conducted in a post-COVID world by reinventing your business digitally with CRESON. Because your business should not suffer!!

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