In Conversation With… Swapna Adhikari, Founder, Creson Branding Solutions

Can you help us know about your professional background?

I am a Commercial Art graduate with job experience of about 15 years. My job experience spans from ad agency to media house to corporate firms to retail products, where my role has majorly been to manage the brand design and communication.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Being a part of a successful corporate startup for around a decade, I always felt I am growing every day as an individual. However, at some point in the corporate career, I felt I wanted to grow further more as an individual. I figured that leaving the job meant starting from zero, but everything I would accomplish from there on would be to my own credit. I felt empowered and excited to break all the barriers and design my own life.

Can you please tell us about your venture ‘Creson Branding Solutions’?

Creson is a one-stop integrated branding solution for brands where we try to help brands connect with their consumers by overcoming the barriers in their way by using the best creative and realistic approach.

What role has technology played in the success of your venture?

Creson was never a part of a digital race and was majorly focused on effective brand management in a technology-driven world. Technology has helped us craft experiences that connect the brand with its consumers. It has also helped us in creating campaigns that are built on a foundation of data and creativity.

What have been the most challenging times in your journey so far?

Journey of Entrepreneurship. The risks, roadblocks, and psychological challenges were among the endless list of this journey’s side effects. And to accept uncertainty as part of life. Will that customer sign the deal? Will that employee really join? Will the marketing strategy work? Even after having dozens of employees or clients, at times I have felt lonely at the top.

As a business leader, how important is it to accept criticism and feedback gracefully?

Being open to criticism is the first sign of a good leader. This helps in cultivating an environment in which people are free to speak their minds without fear.

It helps to learn from our mistakes, & helps to empower the team.

Kindly describe a typical day at work. How do you ensure efficient and effective time management?

That hot coffee at 11 am.

That excitement to work as an entrepreneur.

That feeling of happiness after finally seeing business turning profitable.

To ensure effective time management, a day before, I make sure I create a clear plan. I focus on the task at hand, instead of doing multi-tasking.

What is your message for any aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be persistent and don’t give up.

Don’t take what others say to heart. Be willing to learn when possible without accepting a premature defeat.

Find something you are passionate about. You really have to love & enjoy, what you are doing to be an entrepreneur.

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