Dispelled Myths of Branding that you need to know

Branding, as already known, is one of the best ways to market a company or a product. Branding helps in positioning the company and its products in the market. There are a number of features that determine this concept of Branding. Counting from a logo, brand name, tagline, design then it comes to its products, its packaging, packaging design and everything. Branding is not a minute’s task. It takes a whole lot of duration that can range from months to years to even decades.

Understanding the concept of Branding is not hard, but it does lead to a few delusional fractions. Assumptions are just an add-on to the basic universal facts about branding. These myths about branding are not even a percent true. But as we all know, each person has their own experience story.

Branding may differ from company to company or even product to product, but the steps to unfold within the process is the same as always. These steps can definitely be modified adhering to its situation in particular with the scenario. So unfolding these majorly emphasized myths about branding, we would like to give justice to this not-so-new concept of branding.

1. A brand is not a logo and vice versa

Foremostly, stating that a brand is not a logo, it would be a bit saddening because that’s not how it is. Brand does require a logo, this logo further becomes its identity and thus the purpose is evolved. A logo gives identity to a brand which helps in positioning itself in the market. People sometimes forget the brand name rather, they remember how the logo was! This is a very basic example of stating this point. So saying that brand isn’t about logos would be a fool play to do.

Secondly, stating that only a logo is a brand would be the same range faulty as the previous. Being done with a great logo doesn’t mean you have branded your company to its full potential. As said before, a logo is just a part of your branding potential which plays an important role in making an identity and position for your company. So when you’re done with the company logo, don’t think that you have completed your branding, think that step one is done!

2. A brand is not an identity/ Brand is not a product/ Brand is just about the product

Going line wise, taking a brand as just a product would be a big mistake to make. Taking an example here, if you wish to have a cup of coffee, there are many options available. Costa coffee, Cafe Coffee Day, Starbucks and many more. But you want the Starbucks one! Why Starbucks? Why not Costa coffee or CCD? Because obviously Starbucks and Costa coffee have their differences and people who prefer Starbucks would always go for Starbucks over the Costa one. This very basic example explains to you how you make your identity with the brand.

The product definitely is a part of branding. An essential one to be precise. If the product is not true, branding won’t work. It is the product that, here we say, Caramel Iced Coffee, is what makes Starbucks a big deal for its audience. If the product had nothing to do with it, it wouldn’t have affected the branding. Thus, concluding here that product is definitely an essential part of branding but not solely responsible for branding.

3. A brand is only a substance

It would be unfair to say that brand is just a material substance and not an emotional content. We believe that branding has emotions. This leads to behavior that helps you understand the needs of the audience or consumers. This way the company supervises its products so that the consumer’s problem is solved. Thus, branding is all about understanding consumer’s emotions, and being able to deliver the emotions rightly.

4. Creating a website and logo = Branding

People think that a mere procedure of website development and logo designing means they have completed all tasks that were pending in the name of branding. Well! That’s not how it is. Creating a website is one step, and creating a logo is another. But what about the further crucial steps? 

So a ready website is not equivalent to the correct branding. There are more aspects to it which states adding catchy content, promoting and leading campaigns that drive audience and furthermore things are there which are required to be done after the website is ready.

Similarly, logo design requires understanding the product, the audience, and the relationship between the two. Once this job is done, a perfect logo can be curated. There are more aspects to it as to how to create a perfect design for the company. Once all this is done, these credentials are to be maintained and taken care of during the whole course of the company.

5. A brand is about a product, not an individual

Well! We would deny that completely. The answer is lying in front of us. Taking a basic example of a very famous individual, Kylie Jenner. In today’s date, she has grown a $900 million capital of her own at a very young age. The products were cosmetics that were marketed but the branding was solely led by this famous identity. People, not aware of how the product is going to be, pre-booked the products that were marketed by her brand. Similarly, in India, brands like Rheason & Nush became famous in a very short span. You know the reason why, don’t you? The famous personalities behind these are the sister duo, Sonam & Rhea Kapoor and Anushka Sharma for the respective brands.

6. Only big companies become a brand

There are many small ventures led out by famous companies and not even a fraction of the population who know about them. Saying that big companies have the perfect brand ideals would be a silly thing to say. Many small brands that evolved in the gradual course of time such as Chumbak, Zivame, Organic India, Amazon, and many more are among the brands that started with the lowest and now, are ranked in one of the highest in their suitable marketplace. There are other success stories as well, started with just by mediocre individuals now turned into a renowned brand and company.

The right way to market brand

Dispelling these six major myths to convey the righteous and fact-based ideas regarding the concept, “Branding”. The conclusion comes out to be that, only the right way to market, the best ideals to position your brand, and the correct way of completing the branding tasks is the only way to reach your right audience. Believing in baseless myths won’t drive the growth and success of your company, that we are sure of. Branding done the right way will only turn out to be the right play, what we Creson believe in. To know more visit our website (www.creson.co.in)