This quarantine learn 5 amazing things to expand your productivity level

Amid the panic

Amidst the bread and toilet paper panic, you might have been wondering if there’s any way to expand your business and profit. Regardless of the growing panic situation, it’s very important to stay calm, positive and composed. Things will turn up healthy when we are together. Whether it’s by choice or by decree, you are doing your civic duty by self-isolating/quarantined inside your house. Now just because you’re called to your couch, doesn’t mean the time should be wasted. 

Here are 5 amazing ways to increase your productivity :

Read and expand your knowledge : 

Most of the time due to work pressure and other external distractions, cant read books. How often have you said that you want to read more but didn’t have enough time? So on the brighter side of all this, you’re getting that time to expand your knowledge. Certain topics, novels you are curious about, start pondering. Get to action to know the precise insights and vocabulary building. Books have always been the best friend of humans as they provide vast knowledge.

Watch good videos and work on skill-building :

Today’s ever-changing world demands continuous improvement and enhancing your skill. Work on enhancing skills in the field you are working or like the most. If you have been putting off getting an online advanced certification, that could give a boost to your career, this is probably the best time to pursue any such program. Many programs are having flexible timings, match your schedules and attend the classes from the comfort of your home. Finances are surely the major concern, at this time, so don’t overlook the free certification programs, which could be easily found online.

Revise everything and analyze cash flow : 

During a crisis “cash is king”. Manage cash as a scarce resource and analyze future cash flows based on different assumptions including the direst. The direst things always alert our brain, which leads to preparation for the future. If you are a businessman and own a company, office rents, employee salaries, bonuses are very important. During revenue shrinkage or crisis, make sure to explain and be transparent with the employees about the solid financial position in making it through without going ahead with downsizes. Set very clear expectations and timelines as they deserve to arrange their budgets, but keep it open to revision based on the external circumstances. You might get surprised by the initiatives and enthusiasm that your employees display once properly involved during hard times.

Meditate : 

The benefits of dedicating time to meditation and prayers are enormous, which have been proven in studies time and again. To medicate or pray can seem impossible to fit in our daily busy lifestyle, to rush out of the door in the morning, working eight hours, etc. So this quarantine is the perfect time where you can start by dedicating 15 minutes every day, you can increase the time block bypassing days. Medication can benefit you :

  • To calm yourself and make you more patient
  • By providing new perspectives of life
  • To become tougher

Practice self-discipline : 

There are many different ways self-discipline can manifest itself, but this is key is Go to bed on time, and wake up early.

Waking up early and having an energetic home workout, helps you to focus your mind through prayer or meditation, eating a good breakfast and finally allows you to attack your workday to be at your sharpest level of productivity. 
“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity to grow with Creson ( ”

Most importantly, keep yourself healthy and take care. Follow government instructions and help yourself and society at the best of your possibilities. 

Wash your hands, cover your cough, and be productive!